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Times of India(pdf ) : Central University of Jharkhand comes up with model for controlling room temperature

      Vigyan Prasar(India Science wire): Researchers design Net Zero Heat exchanger System

PV-Magazine International:   PV-powered underground heat exchanger for buildings

                                                                       All perovskite two-terminal tandem solar cell tech with 32.3% efficiency 

We have tried to prepare our National Flag in our laboratory using different quantum dot films with the help of Nanotechnology: Saffron (Cadmium sulfide quantum dots), White(TiO2 nanoparticles), Green(Perovskite quantum dots under UV light), and Ashoka Chakra(wikipedia)…Happy Independence Day 2022...Jai Hind…🙏🙏🙏


       Dr. Basudev Pradhan                             Assistant Professor                        Former Alexander von Humboldt fellow, Former Ramanujan Fellow, Former Bhaskara Advanced Solar                               Energy Fellow

Associate Editor, Applied Physics A, Springer Journal(since 2014)

   Guest Associate Editor,      Frontiers in Materials 

 Department of Energy Engineering,  Centre of Excellence(CoE) in Green and Efficient Energy Technology (GEET), Central University of Jharkhand  Brambe, Ranchi- 835 205

Phone:  +91-9163462129




Ultrasensitive and ultrathin
phototransistors and photonic synapses using perovskite quantum dots grown from graphene lattice.
B. Pradhan, S. Das, J. Li, F. Chowdhury, J. Cherusseri, D. Pandey, D. Dev, A. Krishnaprasad, E. Barrios, A. Towers, A. Gesquiere, L. Tetard, T. Roy, J. Thomas,  Sci. Adv. 6, eaay5225 (2020).

Predictions and strategies learned from machine learning to develop high-performing perovskite solar cells, J. Li, B. Pradhan (joint 1st author), S. Gaur, J. Thomas, Adv. Energy Mater. 9, 1970181(2019)(front cover page)

Energy is becoming one of the most critical issues all over the world these days due to limited in supply of fossil fuels. So, cost effective and highly efficient renewable energy is more important to meet growing global energy demand. One of the renewable energy sources is solar cells, which directly converts sunlight into electricity. Our research group actively involve for the development of highly efficient Next Generation Solar cells (organic solar cells, Dye –Sensitized solar cells, Bio-solar cells, Organic-Inorganic hybrid solar cells, Perovskite solar cells, and Quantum dot solar cells etc). We also try to understand the fundamental of different device operations. Our group is also interested in fabricating new electronic and optoelectronics nanodevices. We also synthesis different nanomaterials and use them for different electronics and optoelectronics device application. 


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